Qualis Care’s Program and Treatments

Our programs and treatments in our Louisiana drug rehab are designed for all types of drug and alcohol addictions, and we have as many people on staff as we do those that require treatment. We provide inpatient rehab in Louisiana and we have an in-depth understanding of the different stages of withdrawal. Depending on what drug addiction you suffer from, the withdrawal period will be different, and we want to make sure you can quickly and safely go through this period of recovery. Our Inpatient rehab in Louisiana will be a move in a positive direction and take you out of a drug-promoting atmosphere.

4201 Woodland Dr, 3rd Floor New Orleans, LA 70131

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Recover House Of East Tennessee

Recover House Of East Tennessee offers a variety of coordinated comprehensive programs designed to collaboratively treat substance use and co-occurring mood disorders, in conjunction with medical health issues. The Recover House Of East Tennessee treatment center utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities in conjunction with a Strengths Based Approach, that identify, target and build on strengths; to engage therapeutic treatment interventions, that address underlying symptoms of addictions and comorbidity.

105 Caldwell Cir, Oliver Springs, TN 37840

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