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In order to increase the chance of a successful intervention, the right amount of planning is required. Our intervention specialists have the knowledge and background to guide you through each one of these steps.

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If your loved ones are unwilling to accept help with their alcohol and drug abuse problems Recovery Solutions Network intervention services can help. Early intervention services are important because a person can only hit rock bottom so many times before it’s too late. Effective alcohol and drug intervention programs are a minimum of two days. One day for family consulting and brain storming and another for the actual intervention day. The intervention only ends when your loved one agrees to treatment.

For substance abuse intervention to work the participation of the substance abuser or alcoholic is key. So forcing treatment right away isn’t always the option. The intervention must be handled carefully and methodically in order for the abuser to feel like they are making the decision to go to treatment.  

We do not charge for anything besides the flat rate fee for the intervention, room, and airfare. If finances are a concern please contact us to find out more about our available financial assistance to help pay for the services. If you would like us to help escort your loved to a treatment facility that is also an option. Please contact us to make arrangements.

“I am totally surprised.  I did not know that getting an intervention specialist could be so easy. I wasn’t sure if this was something that would work at first, but they talked me through the whole process on the phone which set my mind at ease.”


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